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Hey lo di o doh Summer!

Hey lo di o doh Summer!

Iʼm loving the opportunity of a midsummer connection! I hope you are all enjoying the sweet pace of summer. Iʼve seen numerous families at the Farmers market myself and I love the extra community gatherings that I hear about…zoos, beaches, picnics, dancing, camping! I too experienced a big gathering of NVNS families and alumni thus far this summer and I’m convinced Together were better! Stay connected!

Given quiet time to contemplate and look at a few history files of our lovely school, I found out that Mrs. Jane Whitehair passed away this past school year at the age of 99! Jane Whitehair was our Teacher Director at NVNS from 1967 to 1983. She also taught my girls!  Mrs. Whitehair left her ‘thumbprint’ at NVNS.  We have recently digitized a few of our old school films from Mrs. Whitehairs years at NVNS!  She upheld the coop theory of ‘together were better’ for many years. She included so many extra family/community days and the parents then, as now, made a big impact on the schools growth as well as in their daily participation. Love and Thank you to Mrs. Jane Whitehair!

Letʼs keep it going!

Together were better.

Enjoy your summer and hug you soon!

Love, Mz. Lori

Happy Summer 2017!

Happy summer current and alumni NVNS families!

Did you just love our summer storm yesterday? So sweet for all of our gardens!

Children are now out of public school and NVNS just finished in a flurry of fun last week. Our annual end of the year water play dates were very fun (thanks to all for hauling water to make ‘hot tubs’). Next came a very fun Finale and celebration. Then, even our clean up Sat. was actually fun! Many parents commented on how they love that clean up work day. Funny! Just goes to show that no matter what we do, Together We’re Better!

The first day school was out, we got underway with our summer projects! The project of the mud pie kitchen and a 6 foot trellis tunnel will be ready for show and play by the end of this summer. And, there is currently an alumni artist painting a new mural for us in Room 2! A must see!

Alumni, we will plan to gather at the school during our Fall Frolic for show and tell of our projects including ‘your thumbprints’ on our gorgeous Together Wall that we have all enjoyed this past year!

Watch for dates and until then, enjoy the sweet pace of summer and keep playing!

As always, I’ll be watching for you at the Farmer Market!

Love, Mz.L

Happy Mid Summer!

Happy Mid Summer!
What a fun play date at Playground Fantastico today! So many returning AND new families came together to play, catch up and meet! I personally loved meeting new students and beginning our new connection and friendships. I also truly loved seeing new ‘family community’ coming into form! The children were sharing with buckets and shovels and an occasional smile or chase/follow with one another, the adults with words of chat and support. We played in the sand under the lovely shade sail contributed to Playground Fantastico from an alumni NVNS family. After our play date, I promptly went to NVNS and power washed one of our shade sails contributed to NVNS by the same alumni family! I now look forward to continue meeting, greeting, playing, learning and loving under our own sails in our own play yard very soon. To us as adults, school does start soon. To children, it’s still a very long time. I hope we can continue our new connections prior to school! I will be at this Tuesday Farmers Market and then will miss a few weeks for a vacation. Other families continue to post gatherings and play dates on our parents Facebook page. Watch and gather!

Thanks to all for sharing a fun summer day with me! Together We’re Better!

I’m very excited about our upcoming school year!
Mz. Lori 󾌵

Together Wall

Dear families, alumni and friends,

More than half way through our school year and the play continues!

I was so proud to celebrate our schools 65 anniversary this year with so many of you! With all of your support and dedication to children, NVNS continues to be a wonderful place for families and children to grow and learn.

Your legacy and time at NVNS will continue and we are still offering you a place on our TOGETHER WALL to leave you thumbprint!

Please join me during the week of March 1st– March 4 at Dive Into Color art studio (1757 Tanen St, Napa) and paint your individual or family tile! I will be there mid-afternoon each day, and look forward to seeing our NVNS families, past and present. 

We continue to need to hold hands and stick together. Your $30. tile supports our TOGETHER WALL and the support of Napa Valley Nursery School……a beautiful place to start!

See you there!

Love from Mz. Lori

Early Learners

Hey lo di o doh!
I have had many conversations after school with parents covering many childhood topics, which I thoroughly enjoy. I try to incorporate these various topics at our Parent Meetings and Town Hall meetings. As there have been so many topics as of lately, I thought I’d like to share an article with you as parents to assure you that you can relax and enjoy your children without so many unnatural concerns and pressures. Your only job is to be your childs #1 fan and advocate, the love is all the extra good stuff!

At a recent meeting with the Head of Child Family Studies at the college, we discussed an article with many teachers. We are always hoping to find ways to reach parents and continue to empower you for all you do for your littles.

Many parents feel the outside pressure and stress of their childs education and learning, both of which come in individual, natural developmental stages, each important unto itself. These developmental processes cannot be hurried or tied to some of the early learning standards that have been set forth in public education. Some pressures to succeed are proving to be thwarting the natural ‘unfolding’ of children and their successful growth and development!

Trust yourself and the efforts that you take in understanding your childs growth. Enjoy the process as you watch these amazing innate learners! They automatically thrive, with drive and great energy, to figure things out every day!

Remember the two most important things your early learners can do: Move their bodies and be with people.

Enjoy, Mz. Lori

Let’s Continue Celebrating!

What a great celebration day was had by so many. If you as an NVNS family were not able to attend, please consider other ways to celebrate with us the remaining of the year! Our concert with the Banana Slugs String Band was an amazing fun event! It was the first time in my 30 years with nursery school to have a big event with/for families and children! Such fitting fun for our school. Our beautiful, fun location at an alumni families ‘Shop’ was filled with music, laughter, climbing, playing, singing, and amazing donations of food for all to share. It was also filled with so many past board members and many young adult alumni! Our motto, Together We’re Better, shined as everyone pitched in to support our play day. Many teenage alumni painted faces, helped with jumpy houses, hay bale play, dancing and food. This year’s celebration committee group and current families also spent many joyful hours preparing. Thank you all for the true school spirit! This year’s class of children were very excited to deliver 7 wagons full of your food donations to our neighbors at our annual Salvation Army kitchen tour. I was so proud. Our tile legacy ‘Together Wall’ officially began at the celebration. If you were not able to participate at the celebration, you may still purchase a tile to be placed as your families thumbprint on our wall. Dive into Color ceramic studio continues to support our school throughout this year! Contact NVNS to purchase a tile voucher or you may purchase one at Dive into Color (1757 Tanen Street, Napa). You may paint in the studio any day, or you may choose to purchase and attend during the week that I will be in the studio, Feb. 29-March 4th. Hope to see you there! NVNS has so many reasons to be thankful! As you celebrate with your families for Thanksgiving this week, some stories may include school memories. Please share our Market Place magazine article and our Give!Guide info with extended families. One lovely alumni family told me they were trying to think of new ways to give during this year’s holidays. We are included with many other wonderful Napa nonprofit organizations in the guide. Take a look- The November issue of Market Place can be found at

Current NVNS families, this is also a great extended family time to sell our Instant Wine Cellar raffle tickets schedule for our February raffle! Filled with love, appreciation and pride of our NVNS motto: Together We’re Better!

Love from Mz. Lori