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Early Learners

Hey lo di o doh!
I have had many conversations after school with parents covering many childhood topics, which I thoroughly enjoy. I try to incorporate these various topics at our Parent Meetings and Town Hall meetings. As there have been so many topics as of lately, I thought I’d like to share an article with you as parents to assure you that you can relax and enjoy your children without so many unnatural concerns and pressures. Your only job is to be your childs #1 fan and advocate, the love is all the extra good stuff!

At a recent meeting with the Head of Child Family Studies at the college, we discussed an article with many teachers. We are always hoping to find ways to reach parents and continue to empower you for all you do for your littles.

Many parents feel the outside pressure and stress of their childs education and learning, both of which come in individual, natural developmental stages, each important unto itself. These developmental processes cannot be hurried or tied to some of the early learning standards that have been set forth in public education. Some pressures to succeed are proving to be thwarting the natural ‘unfolding’ of children and their successful growth and development!

Trust yourself and the efforts that you take in understanding your childs growth. Enjoy the process as you watch these amazing innate learners! They automatically thrive, with drive and great energy, to figure things out every day!

Remember the two most important things your early learners can do: Move their bodies and be with people.

Enjoy, Mz. Lori