Moonlight Magic

Napa Valley Nursery School is excited to announce the FIRST ANNUAL Moonlight Magic Fundraising Event! What could be more special than an exclusive,  magical, glow-in-the-dark evening at NVNS hosted by Mz. Lori, Teacher Adrianne, and Teacher Elizabeth?! Your children will be greeted with a catered age-appropriate dinner party. After filling their tummies with scrumptious Napa Valley fare, they will be whisked away to enjoy enchanting games and activities with friends in the moonlight.  Each child receives a specially crafted parting keepsake gift commemorating the evening.

WHO: Current students and Alumni are eligible to participate in Fundraising to attend this Event

WHAT: This is a Fundraising Event to help support Napa Valley Nursery School. The evening will be highly intimate and special, limited to 10 families. 

WHEN and WHERE: Friday, February 28, 2020 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm @ Napa Valley Nursery School

BENEFITTING: 100% of funds raised will be utilized to support Napa Valley Cooperative Nursery School.   


★ 8 Children will be selected from the online Moonlight Magic Fundraiser

  • In just five minutes, you can create a fundraising page using an online platform called Crowdrise.  Funds may be raised through your social media network of family, friends and coworkers
  • Every $100 in donated funds will result in one chance for attendance. The 8 winners will be drawn during the January Parent Meeting
  • Winners have the option to include currently enrolled or Alumni siblings at $100 additional per child (additional fee for keepsake gifts)
  • Fundraising ends at midnight on Sunday, January 12, 2020

★ The Top Fundraiser for Moonlight Magic will receive automatic entry 

  • Can bring currently enrolled or alumni siblings for free

★ The Top Instant Wine Cellar ticket seller will receive automatic entry

  • The Top Instant Wine Cellar ticket seller will be announced at the February Parent Meeting
  • Winner has the option to include Alumni or currently enrolled siblings at $100 additional per child 

Each child will have their own Crowdrise online “page” to share within their network and track their (tax deductible) donations. See directions to set this up below.

QUESTIONS? Please contact Kristin Takemoto @ or 707-205-7857

NVNS Moonlight Magic Crowdrise “HOW TO”

1.    Start here:

2.    Click “join”

3.    Click “create your own team”

4.    Sign up for a new account (free)

5.    Add your details, personal photos and feel free to  customize your page!

6.    Share within your network on social media by viewing your page. Click on “view” button

7.    Share within your social media!

8.    Happy fundraising & thank you!