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I am so very thankful for NVNS alumni!

I am so very thankful for NVNS alumni!
I love watching ALL of your children as they grow!
Remember how Traditionally  at Thanksgiving, we have gone over to the Salvation Army carrying our donations in our hands and in our wagons?   For years we have been the only school to receive a special tour of the kitchen, which is lovely, since we are neighbors!
As usual, I went to the kitchen to plan our excursion ahead of time. I asked for the kitchen chef only to find out that it was an alumni student from NVNS!  We hugged and alumni Chef Tyler (and kitchen manager) promised an awesome tour.

On our Thanksgiving day celebration, we were delighted to travel with two wagons full of generous donations over to the Salvation Army to meet with Chef Tyler. Upon arrival, not only did we meet with Chef Tyler, but another alumni student that was volunteering efforts for food distribution!  (She said that the last time she was in the Salvation Army was when she came on this same tour from nursery school!)
Tyler was so amazingly gracious, outgoing, and patient with all of our 3 and 4 year old questions.  Our other alumni, Chloe, showed us how/what she packed boxes for hungry families.
I feel so proud to know these two, and many other alumni, that shine our forever motto of
Together We’re Better!
Love and thankful, Mz. L