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60 years…Reflections of my Own

I asked a lovely wise person in my life, “Where did the word ‘Blog’ come from?” He said it was from the term Weblog, where one can log information on the web. Rather than saying weblog, it was shortened to ‘blog’. I took on this new wisdom and laughed at myself as I thought is was more about logging info for people as they go on and on…blah, blah, blah, blah, blog!

Either way, I wish to blah, blah, blog about the reflections I have been having this year honoring the 60th anniversary of Napa Valley Nursery School! My life has been ever so changed and I wish to tell you about those things dear to my heart…..

Throughout my years (and many types of tears), I have had the beautiful opportunity to watch children and families grow and change. I have watched children and parents both work and play together to support each other through this new journey of parenting and family living. I was lucky enough to be a part of this program with my own children!

Sharing and caring is evident every day at NVNS. Together, we set a very healthy environment to explore and play. Parents observe and participate in the early years of development, watching moment by moment detail as their children reach out for more. Parents reach out too. I have seen so many beautiful friendships (including some of my own) grow and develop. Parents hold hands and stick together in their new journey. Some will become lifelong friends and others will be the supportive arms along the way. So many families have come and gone throughout my 25 years, each bringing so much to our little community. People have shared their wisdom, time and talents and their selves to keep our business of community open. Throughout 60 years, with much laughter and tears, people have shown how valuable our nursery school becomes, not only to children, but to parents and families.

I have been honored to be a part of families working together to support each other through great celebrations, new business’, the birth of new lives, and also work through many a family or personal crisis. We have been together for the loss of teeth, loss of limb, and the loss of life. Children and parents have carried casseroles and created carnivals for families with skinned knees to skin cancer. NVNS has been the community place where families gather together to do their best work.

Beyond all of the great growth changes made to NVNS, families continue to grow beyond our community. I cannot begin to count how many NVNS families had/have been involved in the foundation, opening, and growth of Napa Valleys Charter School, Stonebridge. The beautiful community playground Fantastico was also rich in NVNS family efforts! Families have outgrown NVNS but continue to stay committed to produce a rich community where parents and children and teachers come together.

I am so proud to be a part and see how we have stayed true to our Napa Valley Nursery School vision/mission statement. I can only imagine how much more is in store as we make such positive changes together. Truly, together we’re better.

Vision: Napa Valley Nursery School is an engaging environment for children, families and community to grow together.

With much love,
I thank you all.
Happy Anniversaries!
Mz. Lori