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Beat the Summer Heat Ideas

waterballoonsSpray bottles
Freeze small toys or objects in blocks of ice and let children melt/break open to find a surprise inside.
Catch water from the sprinkler in a cup….try to fill up your cup
Play wet ‘sponge toss’
Ball toss into a bucket of water–splish, splash!
Wash the car
Wash the dog
Wash the fence
Spray bottles for watering plants and all other items in the yard
‘Paint’ with water on the sidewalk
Play ‘hose jump’ and ‘hose limbo’
Make mini-kites or pinwheels and fly them in the airstream of a fan
‘Bob’ for apples or other summer fruit (not just for Halloween)
Freeze fruit and eat as a fruitsicle
Build outdoor forts with sheets and the clothesline or…..
Stack and build with ice cubes and salt
Use nerf balls as ‘easy to fill water balloons’
Again, spray bottles
Enjoy your neighbors
Make ice cream
And on and on…….it takes great energy and creativity to play all day with sticks, boards, dirt and water.  Children can do this VERY well.
Happy summer!
Love, Mz. Lori J