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Happy Summer Hey Lo Di O Do

I love that our summer newsletter now reaches returning families, new incoming NVNS families and alumni!

I am in hopes that you are all enjoying the sweet, slower pace summer can bring.    As adults we plan vacations and adventures to create wonderful memories for our children but especially during our current economic times, remember that children enjoy the little things in life, and the time spent with you. This ‘best kind of play’ costs nothing and has only one requirement–imagination!

Thinking back onto my own childhood summers, I recall camping and family trips, but I also recall long days without schedule, fort making in the tall grass, creek walks, picnics, pollywogs, bike rides and lemonade stands.   For children, a simple backyard picnic or sleepover will create a full day of gathering, hauling and preparing!  It takes tremendous time and energy to play creatively with rocks, boards, sticks, and dirt…..remember the
mud pies?

Are you concerned about your childs education?  Theorist, David Elkind, reminds us that free play is crucial to development at all ages. This is especially true of the purest form of play: the unstructured, self motivated, imaginative independent kind, where children initiate their own games and even invent their own rules.  Parents, please know that while children are climbing trees, collecting roly polys in boxes, and playing in the hose or creek, they are developing critical thinking skills, self-regulation, controlling emotions and behavior, and exerting self-discipline. Everyone knows that play is fun, but there’s a lot more going on!

While you are busy slowing down, I must tell you all that this years new Board of Directors are taking good care of NVNS and truly updating our electronic business practices!

We are delighted to have our new website up and I encourage you all to keep yourself
updated in the new site as well!  Look to our site for monthly quotes, good books, good websites, parenting ideas, events such as plate making day, Fall Frolic and of course, Moonlight Magic!

With both alumni and current families, NVNS is always working to maintain, support, and grow our special place in the community.  Thanks to all of you for ‘sticking TOGETHER’ through the years.

Together We’re Better.

Mz. Lori