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NVNS Board Positions

Executive Board of Trustees

President – President Job Description
The President presides at Parent and Board Meetings, works as a liaison with the First United Methodist Church (landlord), renews school licenses and contracts, ensures adherence by all board members and parents to a yearly time line of jobs/duties/projects, helps arrange substitute teachers when the primary teacher has a last-minute emergency, and facilitates communication among board members and the membership as a whole. (School Team: The President leads the “Board”.)

Vice President – Vice President
The Vice President acts in conjunction with and in support of the President on matters regarding school operations, parent participation, and future planning for NVNS. The main role of the Vice President is to track parent participation and communicate with parents and the board when a family is not fulfilling its admission agreement. In addition, the Vice President performs a variety of specific annual tasks and administrative duties, including, enrollment processing assistance, as needed, and overseeing overseeing and coordinating the annual Board election process. (School Team: The Vice President leads the Events Team)

Secretary – Secretary
The Secretary is responsible for taking and distributing written minutes of all NVNS Parent, Board, Executive Board, Emergency, and annual Budget Meetings. The Secretary is the point person for tracking changes for the annual Handbook revision and other administrative tasks as outlined/assigned.

Treasurer – Treasurer Job Description
The Treasurer is responsible for processing and depositing tuition and fundraising income as well as fines/fees, paying all school bills, and issuing reimbursements. The Treasurer also provides information to the Administrative Coordinator and school Bookkeeper as needed to support their efforts to reconcile financial accounts and manage the school’s books, prepare information for the school Tax Preparer, provide monthly financial statements for the Board and Membership, and create the annual budget.

Board of Trustees Positions

Enrollment Coordinator – Enrollment Coordinator Job Description (May 2020)
The Enrollment Coordinator (together with the Administrative Coordinator) is responsible for the enrollment and admission activities of NVNS. As part of this effort, the Enrollment Coordinator processes incoming enrollment paperwork as it arrives, administers the annual enrollment survey, and maintains the class rosters, birthday lists, and student files when school is in session.

Job Coordinator – Job Coord
The Job Coordinator is responsible for all tasks and activities regarding School Jobs. The Job Coordinator also coordinates and facilitates Orientation and manages the annual summer mailer. (School Team: The Job Coordinator leads the “Classroom Operations Team”.)

Communications Chair – Communications Chair Full Job Description
The Communications Chair is responsible for keeping the NVNS Community, past, present, and future, informed about NVNS news and happenings. The Communications Chair collects and consolidates information, and creates improved systems of communication and information sharing between all classes and positions at NVNS. This job also is responsible for Alumni outreach, and either serves as the school’s Webmaster or works with the Webmaster to maintain the school website and Facebook pages. The Communication Chair also serves as a resource to the Newsletter Editor, and Smugmug Parent/Photographer. (School Team: The Communications Chair leads the “Communications Team”.)

Fundraising Chair – Fundraising Chair
The Fundraising Chair oversees all fundraising efforts at NVNS throughout the school year (including all aspects of the annual Instant Wine Cellar fundraiser). (School Team: The Fundraising Chair leads the “Fundraising Team”.)

Maintenance Chair – Maintenance Chair
The Maintenance Chair is responsible for overseeing all maintenance for the NVNS facility, including the classrooms, sheds, and play yard. This effort includes coordinating and participating in periodic work days with Maintenance Team members to make improvements and perform regular maintenance. (School Team: The Maintenance Chair leads the “Maintenance Team”.)

Class Scheduler – Schedulers
The Class Scheduler (one for each class) is responsible for creating and distributing the monthly parent work schedule for their child’s class, including assigning snack and E-Parent duties. The Class Scheduler also acts as a point person to coordinate communications between their class and the Board and vice versa. (School Team: The Class schedulers will lead the Party Parents)

Alumni Advisor

The immediate past President may, if desired, become the current year’s Alumni Advisor. If not, the Board may vote to ratify another Alumni volunteer for the position if an Alumni Advisor is needed. The Alumni Advisor (if used) shall be a voting member of the Board. (School Team: The Alumni Advisor leads the Alumni Outreach Team)