Job Descriptions

Updated Job Descriptions for the 2019/2020 school year are posted below!

In addition to working in the classroom several times a month, each family at NVNS participates in a School Job. This might be a job serving on the board, working to maintain the classrooms and yard, fundraising, or helping out with communications.

Go to our NVNS Board Positions page for more information about the role of each member of our Executive Board and Board of Trustees.

Fundraising Team- Do you like to throw parties? Gather friends? We need people on this team who know how to raise funds for a great cause—our school! The fundraising team will determine the course of our fundraising efforts for the year. Fundraising is a big part of school life at any school—why not learn the ropes at NVNS?

Donation Solicitation & Blue Ticket Event

Donation Correspondence & Instant Wince Cellar Raffle

Family Play Date Team Lead

Family Play Date Team Member


Maintenance Team- Are you the family handyperson? Love get-your-hands-dirty projects? The Maintenance team handles all of the school’s gardening and small repairs. We also love folks who have plans for school improvements!

Carpets & General Maintenance

Housekeeping Saturday Scheduler & General Maintenance Safety Monitor

Play Yard & General Maintenance

Upkeep & General Maintenance

Classroom Operations Team – Love shopping for the best deals? Coordinating craft projects? Keeping things tidy and shipshape? The Classroom Operations team needs people to keep our classroom supplies well-stocked, clean, and organized.

Domestics Buyer

Just-a-Bite & Drinks Buyer

Laundry Parent

MWF Party Parent & Social Coordinator

Pet Care

Playdough/Paint Parent

T/TH Party Parent & Social Coordinator

Communications Team – Are you a great talker/writer/community builder? We need people on this team who can handle all correspondence within the school community as well as communications with the larger alumni and Napa communities.

Newsletter/Kid Speak/Librarian

Smug Mug & Photobook


Events Team – Members of this team will help with community building efforts like publicity events, Parent Information Night, and our annual Christmas parade float.

Napa Holiday Parade Coordinator

Meeting Set Up/Hospitality