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SSS Summer


SLIP on a shirt, SLOP on some sunscreen, SLAP on a hat!

The sun is good for flowers and trees
But too much sun
Is not good for me!

Beat the Heat Summer Ideas…
-Spray bottles
-Freeze small toys or objects (their own or purchased) in blocks of ice and let children melt/break open to find a surprise inside.
-Catch water from the sprinkler in a cup….try to fill up your cup
-Play wet ‘sponge toss’
-Ball toss into a bucket of water–splish, splash!
-Wash the car
-Wash the dog
-Wash the fence
-Spray bottles for watering plants and all other items in the yard
-‘Paint’ with water on the sidewalk
-Play ‘hose jump’ and ‘hose limbo’
-Eat your meals outside in the shade….no kitchen mess!
-Make mini-kites or pinwheels and fly them in the airstream of a fan
-‘Bob’ for apples or other summer fruit (not just for Halloween)
-Freeze fruit and eat as a fruitsicle
-Build outdoor forts with sheets and the clothesline or…..
-Stack and build with ice cubes and salt
-Use nerf balls as ‘easy to fill water balloons’
-Again, spray bottles
-Enjoy your neighbors
-Make ice cream

And on and on…….it takes great energy and creativity to play all day with sticks, boards, dirt and water. Children can do this VERY well!

Happy summer!
Love, Mz. Lori

Summer Greetings from Mz. Lori!

Summer is ‘official’ this week and I will be ‘gone fishing’! I knew it was summer when I could hear childrens voices screaming and laughing outside, in the distance, playing in the neighborhoods rather than school. I also knew it was summer because I’ve been able to attend a couple of weeks of the Farmers Market! My second week at the market, public school was also out so I was so delighted to connect with many NVNS alumni as well as current families. Just like our gardens, the children grow so quickly and beautifully! I love sitting on the lawn at the Farmers Market while we all share summer sweets, just watching, laughing and dancing, rock stacking and chasing. Slow, sweet, summer moments.

Summer is also an exciting, busy time this particular year. Our new 2015-2016 Board members have already begun to prep for an exciting year ahead! Please stay tuned to future emails and invites as we are planning to celebrate 65 years of NVNS as well as my enjoyable life of 30 years at the school!

NVNS continues to grow and change! This coming year we will have a new program of long morning classes only, 5 days a week. We also have plans for monthly after school play days! These days will be fun for current and alumni students! Watch for details to be included! These afternoon and eve play days will include free choice of many activities including creative art, science, music and stories. A great way to stay connected! All alumni ages welcome as some can never have enough science and art exploring.

Always planning, ever changing, enjoy the pace of summer contemplation to make it all a happen. I hope you all take time to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the cool of a pool.

Love from Mz.Lori

Happy Spring!

Current families and alumni update! A spring countdown!

Hey lo di o doh and Happy Spring!

This beautiful weekend we enjoyed a special Saturday school at NVNS.
Alumni, remember those?
It’s so delightful to see Dads and Grandparents share in their child’s early years! It’s also wonderful for all adults to take time to slow down and play themselves! We enjoyed an hour and a half of free choice of many activities throughout Rm.1, 2, and outside. My favorites were slime putty making and music time together! Extended families also better understand why we give so much effort to our lovely school.
It was a great Saturday morning together! Together We’re Better.
Before long, many photos will be posted on our smugmug website and alumni, you can look up your photos as well!
Saturday School families also took a look at our COUNTDOWN TO CHICKS!
Thank you again to all of our alumni support to purchase a new incubator! We have just a few days till our eggs should hatch! Watch for pictures and news to follow!
Another fun countdown to mark! Our next school year 2015/2016, Napa Valley Nursery School celebrates its 65th anniversary and I, Mz. Lori, celebrate my 30th year of playing at NVNS! Reach out to other alumni and stay in touch for news about celebration ideas!

Another Holiday and Hey-Lo-Di-O-Doh and Appreciations

Another Holiday Hey lo di o doh and Appreciations!
In great appreciation of “Together We’re Better”, I so enjoy the family support within our school community. There have been so many examples of this going on in our classrooms and in calls for assistance and sandbags when needed for the storm.

NVNS is delighted to be housed directly downtown, in the middle of Napa community, in the historical First United Methodist Church for over 60 years! NVNS has worked, played and grown in SO many ways within “this supportive house”, our rented space. The Church Board supports our needs for children and families with great love and respect. We even share ourselves with the knitting group and art group as we play beside their classes. This week, Miel gave her class friends and the knitting group a lovely piano recital! There was applause from the children in appreciation and tears for the knitters. We are also within walking distance of a number of excursion sites. We have loved walking as a group through our downtown many times. This lovely location has also come with some concerns.
As of recent, we have had more concerns about our neighbors in this great location as we are near other businesses supporting community population needs. You may have seen the Napa Register article of a local townhall city meeting of concerns. Some results of the meeting were to have better patrol response as long as all people are doing their share to call 911 and report any problems. A new patrol will also begin in our area soon. The church staff has kept us up on all details.
I feel these issues all seem to come down to respect and boundaries. We all can be respected whether we understand the others or not. And boundaries for all can be clear and also respected. As is the same with our parenting, one of the most effective piece of setting boundaries is ‘following through’. If you have any neighborhood concerns, please make a call and report to church staff or to me. Thank you. We can all be better Together.
Further appreciation info for members: We commonly share gifts of our appreciation to the Church members with flowers for services or cookies for the office staff. This year, I am delighted to say that NVNS will be giving a donation to the churches earthquake fund and their retrofitting/renovation fund. (This was a nice idea from an alumni family…thank you)
That said, the multiple people in the office staff (Diane is the office manager), have been particularly supportive of daily school needs and I know we all greatly appreciate them. If interested, share goodies or words with our Church office support.
Just another example of Together We’re Better!
Before closing, I can’t help remember how sweet it was for your children to deliver food to Chef Tyler’s kitchen across the street just last month. Donations small or large are always needed.
When my children asked if there was really such a thing as Santa,
My comment was always “Santa is the spirit of giving “.
I believe.
Love from, Mz. Lori

I am so very thankful for NVNS alumni!

I am so very thankful for NVNS alumni!
I love watching ALL of your children as they grow!
Remember how Traditionally  at Thanksgiving, we have gone over to the Salvation Army carrying our donations in our hands and in our wagons?   For years we have been the only school to receive a special tour of the kitchen, which is lovely, since we are neighbors!
As usual, I went to the kitchen to plan our excursion ahead of time. I asked for the kitchen chef only to find out that it was an alumni student from NVNS!  We hugged and alumni Chef Tyler (and kitchen manager) promised an awesome tour.

On our Thanksgiving day celebration, we were delighted to travel with two wagons full of generous donations over to the Salvation Army to meet with Chef Tyler. Upon arrival, not only did we meet with Chef Tyler, but another alumni student that was volunteering efforts for food distribution!  (She said that the last time she was in the Salvation Army was when she came on this same tour from nursery school!)
Tyler was so amazingly gracious, outgoing, and patient with all of our 3 and 4 year old questions.  Our other alumni, Chloe, showed us how/what she packed boxes for hungry families.
I feel so proud to know these two, and many other alumni, that shine our forever motto of
Together We’re Better!
Love and thankful, Mz. L

Happy ‘Eye Candy’ to All

Happy ‘eye candy’ to all!

While the rest of our country experiences the completely white oncoming of Winter, we lucky Californians are still enjoying the color and scents of Fall. In class we have enjoyed collecting, coloring, raking and parachuting leaves as well as the new tastes from some of our local harvests.

Just last week I enjoyed chatting with a young alumni student. He had been on a trip with family to San Francisco. We talked about sooo many colors, buildings, lights, people, skyscrapers, signs, and how they are like ‘eye candy’ as we happily walk about. Shortly after, I took a little walk/hike to overlook our valley and saw another type of that wonderful ‘eye candy’. Our sweet valley has a beautiful, patchwork, blanket of color, covering us for the upcoming winter frost. As I walk in my yard or ride my bike, I see so many pieces of the colorful blanket! I also can’t help collecting or crunching through. As I have gotten older, I have lost much of my sweet tooth but not for the ‘eye candy’ of our seasons. Go outside with your children and take a bite!

Stay in touch! Mz L

Earthquake Update


Hey lo di o doh! Napa Valley Nursery School is ready to go!

Yea! The building inspector has given the green light for NVNS to open! We are fortunate that the school is located in the more structurally sound Bonner Bldg. portion of the church. For some time, we will NOT be able to use the church parking lot, but we are still able to enter the building through our normal entrance facing Division St. This is great news!

Hold hands and stick together…..this time I am speaking directly about you holding onto your children at this very ‘shaky’ time. They need your confidence and protection.

Yes things will be back to normal but in the meantime there are many questions for all of us and much to digest in the way of information and emotion.

I am thinking about your children’s thoughts and concerns right now in the aftermath of such an event. Please understand that children will process things over a period of time and each in their own way. Be open to letting them talk, or draw, be ready to listen, and try to see things from the brain of a young child. Keep routines to as normal as possible and don’t forget naps or quiet time. Children will need to tell their story many times as you listen. Children will look for promises that we cannot give to them. We can only give our confident expectations of the future. Children may wish to sleep with you or seem to be glued to your sides. Some children may be quiet observers and will eventually tell you, in some way, how they are processing this event.

Children will process in their own style. Some will draw pictures, tell stories or even build scenes or towers and knock them over in a mock earthquake. Children may seem unconcerned at all and then quickly change states as things occur to them. Do not be alarmed if they seem completely unconcerned. No need to tell them of the entire cities problems, their world is all around you and family. If they ask “What’s for dinner?” in the middle of your conversations, know they are saying, “That’s enough information for now.”

The one main piece of advice that I have to share is that they all need to hear the good outcome and that there are adults to take care of any problems. They will need to hear this often, each time they bring up the subject. Even if they have seen you scared, let them know you are fine and that the adults in the world are handling things for them. Try to convey that it’s being taken care of and all will be well. This advice I give to you for any tragic event in our lives.

Holding you all in my thoughts, reach out if you need. I thank all current and alumni families for reaching out to see if they could help our sweet school.

And as always, Together We’re Better

Love from Mz. Lori