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Letter To Families & Music

Hey lo di o doh!  Its officially spring!

We’ve been out of school for a week and I hope you are all finding wonderful ways to connect with each other and share ideas of fun things to do at home.  Our parent Facebook page has shared numerous creative simple ideas! Thanks to all!

This week, time for some added musical favorites as I had promised!

These are some of our Basic Classroom favorites:

Hey lo di o Doh          Samantha Samuels

Going on a Bear Hunt     Greg and Steve ‘Kids in Action’ album LOTS of good active music

This Pretty Planet            Tom Chapin

Such Delight                      Jim Valley (Bunnies go Bounce)

Octopus                             Charlotte Diamond (she does MANY other fun songs)

 Ten Carrot Diamond Album Including

I Wanna Be a Dog​Charlotte Diamond  

Together Were Better​Bev Bos and Tom Hunter

We are the dinosaurs ​ Laurie Berkner 

The Goldfish    Laurie Berkner      

Fire Truck!​  ​ Ivan Ulz​

Witchi Tai​​ Valley, Jim​

I Know A Sound​​ Genevieve Jereb​

Bo-Wo-Wones​​ Jim Valley

Mc Fiddle Dee Dee          Jim Valley

And families, sing your old favorites, make up moves and dances to the songs, have a show! Or have a puppet show with puppets singing!  No puppets? Use socks…. we’ve been doing that in the classroom especially with the Mc Fiddle Dee Dee song about dragons.   Usually a show takes some planning and gathering.   Post on our Facebook page so we can continue to see each other!

Please understand that although children may seem fine, they too can feel our stresses and become more fragile or sensitive.  Sibs may get on each other’s nerves at some point so make sure to keep as much of a schedule as possible and allow for individual time and alone quiet times. Remember about audio books AND parents, be writing, writing, all of your children’s stories…. they LOVE being the author! (and illustrator?)  We could have quite a fun collection when we return to school!  Keep a journal at home like school as well!  It’s a nice time for parents to listen to better understand what your children are thinking about.  

You all KNOW how I feel about screen time for children but this a time to see the actual ‘good things’ that screen time can provide.  If you are playing video games, these habits will be harder to break in the future so use your technology wisely.  Look up activities, crafts, games on Pinterest or other sights,   Face Time grandparents and friends.  Create a ZOOM meeting for a few children…. I have heard these to be quite silly!  I have enjoyed Face Time calls with a number of you…. including full tours of homes and bedrooms and toys!  Too FUNNY! (and sweet. I’ve laughed so much!)

Hopefully the next time I connect with all of you will be a video.   Working towards that after I begin to leave the house to collect some items from the school.

Until then, be well. Reach out to others! We all need each other even more at this time! 

Still, Together Were Better!

Love Mz. Lori