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Hey lo di o doh Summer!

Hey lo di o doh Summer!

Iʼm loving the opportunity of a midsummer connection! I hope you are all enjoying the sweet pace of summer. Iʼve seen numerous families at the Farmers market myself and I love the extra community gatherings that I hear about…zoos, beaches, picnics, dancing, camping! I too experienced a big gathering of NVNS families and alumni thus far this summer and I’m convinced Together were better! Stay connected!

Given quiet time to contemplate and look at a few history files of our lovely school, I found out that Mrs. Jane Whitehair passed away this past school year at the age of 99! Jane Whitehair was our Teacher Director at NVNS from 1967 to 1983. She also taught my girls!  Mrs. Whitehair left her ‘thumbprint’ at NVNS.  We have recently digitized a few of our old school films from Mrs. Whitehairs years at NVNS!  She upheld the coop theory of ‘together were better’ for many years. She included so many extra family/community days and the parents then, as now, made a big impact on the schools growth as well as in their daily participation. Love and Thank you to Mrs. Jane Whitehair!

Letʼs keep it going!

Together were better.

Enjoy your summer and hug you soon!

Love, Mz. Lori