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Happy Mid Summer!

Happy Mid Summer!
What a fun play date at Playground Fantastico today! So many returning AND new families came together to play, catch up and meet! I personally loved meeting new students and beginning our new connection and friendships. I also truly loved seeing new ‘family community’ coming into form! The children were sharing with buckets and shovels and an occasional smile or chase/follow with one another, the adults with words of chat and support. We played in the sand under the lovely shade sail contributed to Playground Fantastico from an alumni NVNS family. After our play date, I promptly went to NVNS and power washed one of our shade sails contributed to NVNS by the same alumni family! I now look forward to continue meeting, greeting, playing, learning and loving under our own sails in our own play yard very soon. To us as adults, school does start soon. To children, it’s still a very long time. I hope we can continue our new connections prior to school! I will be at this Tuesday Farmers Market and then will miss a few weeks for a vacation. Other families continue to post gatherings and play dates on our parents Facebook page. Watch and gather!

Thanks to all for sharing a fun summer day with me! Together We’re Better!

I’m very excited about our upcoming school year!
Mz. Lori ?