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Summer Greetings from Mz. Lori!

Summer is ‘official’ this week and I will be ‘gone fishing’! I knew it was summer when I could hear childrens voices screaming and laughing outside, in the distance, playing in the neighborhoods rather than school. I also knew it was summer because I’ve been able to attend a couple of weeks of the Farmers Market! My second week at the market, public school was also out so I was so delighted to connect with many NVNS alumni as well as current families. Just like our gardens, the children grow so quickly and beautifully! I love sitting on the lawn at the Farmers Market while we all share summer sweets, just watching, laughing and dancing, rock stacking and chasing. Slow, sweet, summer moments.

Summer is also an exciting, busy time this particular year. Our new 2015-2016 Board members have already begun to prep for an exciting year ahead! Please stay tuned to future emails and invites as we are planning to celebrate 65 years of NVNS as well as my enjoyable life of 30 years at the school!

NVNS continues to grow and change! This coming year we will have a new program of long morning classes only, 5 days a week. We also have plans for monthly after school play days! These days will be fun for current and alumni students! Watch for details to be included! These afternoon and eve play days will include free choice of many activities including creative art, science, music and stories. A great way to stay connected! All alumni ages welcome as some can never have enough science and art exploring.

Always planning, ever changing, enjoy the pace of summer contemplation to make it all a happen. I hope you all take time to enjoy the warmth of the sun and the cool of a pool.

Love from Mz.Lori