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Another Holiday and Hey-Lo-Di-O-Doh and Appreciations

Another Holiday Hey lo di o doh and Appreciations!
In great appreciation of “Together We’re Better”, I so enjoy the family support within our school community. There have been so many examples of this going on in our classrooms and in calls for assistance and sandbags when needed for the storm.

NVNS is delighted to be housed directly downtown, in the middle of Napa community, in the historical First United Methodist Church for over 60 years! NVNS has worked, played and grown in SO many ways within “this supportive house”, our rented space. The Church Board supports our needs for children and families with great love and respect. We even share ourselves with the knitting group and art group as we play beside their classes. This week, Miel gave her class friends and the knitting group a lovely piano recital! There was applause from the children in appreciation and tears for the knitters. We are also within walking distance of a number of excursion sites. We have loved walking as a group through our downtown many times. This lovely location has also come with some concerns.
As of recent, we have had more concerns about our neighbors in this great location as we are near other businesses supporting community population needs. You may have seen the Napa Register article of a local townhall city meeting of concerns. Some results of the meeting were to have better patrol response as long as all people are doing their share to call 911 and report any problems. A new patrol will also begin in our area soon. The church staff has kept us up on all details.
I feel these issues all seem to come down to respect and boundaries. We all can be respected whether we understand the others or not. And boundaries for all can be clear and also respected. As is the same with our parenting, one of the most effective piece of setting boundaries is ‘following through’. If you have any neighborhood concerns, please make a call and report to church staff or to me. Thank you. We can all be better Together.
Further appreciation info for members: We commonly share gifts of our appreciation to the Church members with flowers for services or cookies for the office staff. This year, I am delighted to say that NVNS will be giving a donation to the churches earthquake fund and their retrofitting/renovation fund. (This was a nice idea from an alumni family…thank you)
That said, the multiple people in the office staff (Diane is the office manager), have been particularly supportive of daily school needs and I know we all greatly appreciate them. If interested, share goodies or words with our Church office support.
Just another example of Together We’re Better!
Before closing, I can’t help remember how sweet it was for your children to deliver food to Chef Tyler’s kitchen across the street just last month. Donations small or large are always needed.
When my children asked if there was really such a thing as Santa,
My comment was always “Santa is the spirit of giving “.
I believe.
Love from, Mz. Lori