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Happy ‘Eye Candy’ to All

Happy ‘eye candy’ to all!

While the rest of our country experiences the completely white oncoming of Winter, we lucky Californians are still enjoying the color and scents of Fall. In class we have enjoyed collecting, coloring, raking and parachuting leaves as well as the new tastes from some of our local harvests.

Just last week I enjoyed chatting with a young alumni student. He had been on a trip with family to San Francisco. We talked about sooo many colors, buildings, lights, people, skyscrapers, signs, and how they are like ‘eye candy’ as we happily walk about. Shortly after, I took a little walk/hike to overlook our valley and saw another type of that wonderful ‘eye candy’. Our sweet valley has a beautiful, patchwork, blanket of color, covering us for the upcoming winter frost. As I walk in my yard or ride my bike, I see so many pieces of the colorful blanket! I also can’t help collecting or crunching through. As I have gotten older, I have lost much of my sweet tooth but not for the ‘eye candy’ of our seasons. Go outside with your children and take a bite!

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