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Earthquake Update


Hey lo di o doh! Napa Valley Nursery School is ready to go!

Yea! The building inspector has given the green light for NVNS to open! We are fortunate that the school is located in the more structurally sound Bonner Bldg. portion of the church. For some time, we will NOT be able to use the church parking lot, but we are still able to enter the building through our normal entrance facing Division St. This is great news!

Hold hands and stick together…..this time I am speaking directly about you holding onto your children at this very ‘shaky’ time. They need your confidence and protection.

Yes things will be back to normal but in the meantime there are many questions for all of us and much to digest in the way of information and emotion.

I am thinking about your children’s thoughts and concerns right now in the aftermath of such an event. Please understand that children will process things over a period of time and each in their own way. Be open to letting them talk, or draw, be ready to listen, and try to see things from the brain of a young child. Keep routines to as normal as possible and don’t forget naps or quiet time. Children will need to tell their story many times as you listen. Children will look for promises that we cannot give to them. We can only give our confident expectations of the future. Children may wish to sleep with you or seem to be glued to your sides. Some children may be quiet observers and will eventually tell you, in some way, how they are processing this event.

Children will process in their own style. Some will draw pictures, tell stories or even build scenes or towers and knock them over in a mock earthquake. Children may seem unconcerned at all and then quickly change states as things occur to them. Do not be alarmed if they seem completely unconcerned. No need to tell them of the entire cities problems, their world is all around you and family. If they ask “What’s for dinner?” in the middle of your conversations, know they are saying, “That’s enough information for now.”

The one main piece of advice that I have to share is that they all need to hear the good outcome and that there are adults to take care of any problems. They will need to hear this often, each time they bring up the subject. Even if they have seen you scared, let them know you are fine and that the adults in the world are handling things for them. Try to convey that it’s being taken care of and all will be well. This advice I give to you for any tragic event in our lives.

Holding you all in my thoughts, reach out if you need. I thank all current and alumni families for reaching out to see if they could help our sweet school.

And as always, Together We’re Better

Love from Mz. Lori