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Endings and Beginnings…

Summer Salutations!

Although I have one last camping event ahead, I feel as if yesterday was the real last day of summer.   For many of you families that have children in elementary school, it WAS the last day of summer vacation!

Yesterday was my last weekly visit to the local Farmers Market.  I love Tues. mornings to connect with all of our sweet nursery school families and so many alumni….they too remember my promise to see them at the weekly market.   Before heading out, I received a call from a former NVNS President, Alice Jackson.  She wanted me to know that she had a lovely history write up of our school from 1970!  I dropped by to pick it up on the way to the market and there I also reconnected with her 2 grandchildren that previously attended NVNS.  One was heading to middle school, the other off to her last year of elementary school.   We reminisced about favorite old songs and activities while also talking about their excitement for starting a new school year. Alice herself says she gets together regularly with 7 other previous NVNS Board members!  This fills my ‘heart basket’ with the sweet reminder of how special our NVNS community becomes for so many.  Many students in high school also reconnected!

I always say at beginning parent meetings that you may meet some life time friends at NVNS, and our time together may change your life.  This is wonderful as I also say that we do not do our best parenting work is isolation.  It does take a village!

At the market, I could feel the excitement, the anxiety, the bittersweet flavor of the day as I connected with so many ready to attend their new schools.  I think I reconnected more yesterday than any other Tuesdays all summer! I met with sweet young families just ready to begin their education journey together at NVNS and others off to high school.   There were hugs and tears and a few text messages asking if I was still there as a ‘hug to send them off’ was needed. One child held me so tight but then quickly jumped up with excitement to head off for the special haircut needed to start school!  I remember those days as a child and as a parent; excitement for new adventures and sadness for the end of the sweet bliss of summer time.

Journeys as parent and child together will forever have endings and beginnings as a continuous cycle.  Enjoy your moments TOGETHER, no matter the age of your children, because as always, Together We’re Better!

Please stay connected with NVNS and watch us grow as well.  This year’s school board is well under way with tasks at hand to create another great year at NVNS! Thanks to all of them and all of you who created Napa Valley Nursery School.

Again, stay connected.

With love, Mz. Lori

Just a tiny bit more:

As I have been seeing the years of connections of people from NVNS, I was also sharing our new baby guinea pig, CC, with everyone.  I was thinking about all of the guinea pig pets that have made an impact in the classroom with children.

During my years with NVNS we have gone from Snowball, Sugar, Copper, Penny, Mohawk, Jelly Bean, Cuddles, Toot and Puddle, and Tom, we can’t forget Tom. Which pig was there during your years?   Come see our new Candy Cane, CC, and many other things that have grown and changed at our school!