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Fledglings and Summer Begins

As NVNS comes to a close for summer our older and quickly growing children leave the nest of our nursery school. They can fly and yet realize that they will never be alone because Together We’re Better.

This first week from school I have been watching a finch nest on my porch. What seems like only days ago, Mama and Daddy bird were preparing their nest, then nurturing the quickly growing babies. Today I watch as the fledglings flutter, flap and fly! Time passed ever so quickly, just like all the years of our time with our children!

This first week of summer, I also attended two wonderful swimming parties….certainly the true sight, sound and feel of summer!

The first party included preschool fledglings from this year. They were confident and happy swimming fish and mermaids! It was lovely to show them that we will always continue to see each other, even though nursery school had come to an end. It was a wonderful warm beginning of summer fun.

The second swimming party I attended was that of teen age alumni of NVNS. What a wonderful sight of continued Together We’re Better! Both boys, girls and families often make life time friends at NVNS and I am always in awe and delight to watch and listen to continued growth and forever holding hands and sticking together.

Some families separate and reconnect throughout the years and I am proud that NVNS had a supportive beginning for families with like ideas and desires for their children as well as the understanding of the need of community to do our best parenting work.

My first summer dinner night out, I bumped into alumni as well, a lovely family celebrating their two teen girls ready to graduate to new schools. This happens so often in our little town. I am always delighted when people check in throughout the years and I see the changing faces.

I so appreciate how our community of Napa Valley Nursery School continues to support our school, me and each other.

Together We Are Better!

Grab a hat, seek shade and time to enjoy our quickly passing time with children. Happy summer fun to all!

Love, Mz. Lori