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Sharing the Season

I just can’t seem to get over how flamboyantly gorgeous our season is right now! Not only do the colors seem so alive, but hearts full of sharing as a community have also warmed these colors from within.

I wish thank so many of you for sharing this season with our nursery school!

 It started a few weeks ago when a ‘sunflower fairy’ put the biggest, tallest, sunflower in our play yard one night.  They kindly strapped it to the climber with gardeners tape and the children climbed up and down all morning. They asked if I grew it and of course, that led to more info and questions.  Then, it was gone almost as quickly as it had arrived.  Thank you Sunflower Fairy.  Since that share, we have received so much more!

People have shared apples, apple orchards, Chinese apples (pomegranates), figs, gorgeous leaves, ornamental corn, gourds galore and beyond!

Our week of school with a shared beautiful, wooden apple press was also soooooo delightful!   This is a most delicious time of year that includes healthy food AND eye candy in all sorts of colors and textures.

The classes all made spicy apple cake, apple sauce, and dried apples.  The MWF class continued the sharing by serving it to their guests at Saturday School.    Saturday School was a joy and many extended families were able to see why we keep so busy supporting our little school. 

The sharing continued.  Each class gave so much food to the Salvation Army where the children see that the sharing and giving continues beyond NVNS.  The most joy for me was watching the sweet efforts of the children as they navigated the full, awkward, wagons of food through the school and across the street, crunching leaves and greeting neighbors as we passed on our way.

NVNS families are still busy. As we speak, they are working together building the parade float to kick off yet another season!

Please enjoy your children and family time as well as the harvest of a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner.

I am ever so thankful for NVNS families and alumni that continue to hold hands and stick together.

Together we are better.                                

With a warm heart, Mz. Lori