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Summer Salutations

Hey lo di o doh Summer Salutations!
Our school was sweetly cleaned and buttoned up for summer, by your community efforts, hopefully quite painless and maybe even socially enjoyable, as many hands made for light work. Although closed for the summer, our new Board is rallying with great meetings, ideas and prep for another great school year ahead. Many small projects have also begun. Painting and new water play ideas are underway as well as other growth ideas and TLC for NVNS.

I am enjoying the slower pace of the morning routine and taking in the sweet smells of the yard while having morning coffee. I have also been enjoying the amazingly thoughtful summer baskets, overflowing with summer play, that were given to me at the end of the year by our classes. I am loving all the summer yummies included within and the gardening/play items. Thank you all so much! Gardening items and a new kumquat tree for my citrus collection has also made for lovely summer days of play and planting for me. I have also seen many children at the Tues. Farmers Markets and I am delighted for hugs, catch up, and yummy sharing of berries, cherries, music and beyond.

I hope you have all been enjoying your family time, vacations or staycations. Our summer weather has been extreme. I hope your summer days have also been an extreme change from our school days. The slower pace of summer certainly matches with the preschoolers desire for long hours of uninterrupted play. The summer weather is also conducive to modeling creativity as we adults take some of our daily chores outside where children will of course follow. Eating, playing and sleeping outdoors brings on a whole new excitement to our usual daily routines. Outdoor eating of meals also means less worry about spills and messes. Your children will love to assist with the set up both of mealtimes or hauling their play items outside! It takes great energy and creativity for kids to make new play spaces outdoors. The set up and hauling is the most important part of the play, rather than the actual play. One of our families shared a story of her children building their own drive-through McDonalds. Again the hours of set-up were the best part. (By the way, these children don’t ever go to McDonalds but they were certainly figuring out the ‘Happy Meal’ toy idea.) That all said, I cannot pass up any lemonade stand along my drives as I love the promotion of such great play. Yesterday I actually stopped at a lemonade stand (now 1.00 per glass rather than the old days of .10  ), and an alumni family saw me and stopped as well! They too remembered how I appreciate these great kid efforts.

Summer also pleases the sensory system as we play water, water, water! Whether swimming or hoses, summer is the time to let it flow. I’ll list some fun water ideas and then let your children take it from there.

Summer is a special time. Enjoy the sweet pace, sip lemonade and enjoy your family. Summer play and vacations whether distant or in your own back yard, make lovely memories.

Enjoy your days together,
Mz. Lori 🙂

Summer water play ideas:

  • Paint the sidewalk with water and watch the evaporation science
  • Spray bottles can water, splash and clean
  • Let your children wash the car….talk about their set up time!
  • Freeze small toys in water and have children spend time melting and retrieving their items
  • Play ice hockey on the driveway or sidewalk with big ice cubes and a broom
  • Make a spraychestra using a spray bottle and assorted metal, tin pans or other items. Spray to play!
  • Use sidewalk chalk and then paint with water
  • Rather than water balloons, use small nerf balls soaked in a bucket of water to toss and splash
  • Use an umbrella in the sprinkler
  • If you have many more ideas, be sure to post them below!

Have fun!