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Tis the Season

Tis the Season….

It started with a twinkle and shine as we kicked off the season on our nursery school float this year.  Did you see those faces and see their eyes shine with delight?  Did you hear their voices, sweet and clear, and full of many happy sounds beyond our singing?  What a wonderful way to begin a naturally darker season.  There was light and hope and happiness!

This season brings natural life rhythms of the year to all of us, whether we notice it or not.  Sometimes the holiday bustle distracts and mixes cheer with reflection and for some, even sadness with their cheer.  If we as humans are following natures rhythms, the season gets cold and quiet.  Nature goes within to gather more energy for its new growth come Spring.  As people, we gather, tight with families and hold lovely festivals of light, life and rebirth to get through the dark.  We sing fun songs through the still quietness. We send good tidings of comfort and joy through the dark despairs of winter.  Nowadays, our ‘dark despairs’ differ in many ways from the past, but it is still natural that we ‘go within’.  It is the natural rhythm of nature that we cannot help but follow. 

Keep in mind natures natural rhythms with your young children.  Emotions run high for all, and time runs short.  I personally feel the seasons (the drive to be quiet and reflective counterbalanced with ‘to do’s’ of the season) and I don’t have the added sweet young people at my feet any longer, also keeping me from some of those natural rhythms of quiet.  There is much to do to create the holiday scene at your house and some parents may be questioning what quiet I’m even talking about!  How can we support staying connected to natures rhythms?  The children and their needs, they are first, yet there’s much to do, or is there?   

Could we give up the shoulds and remember natures natural flow first?  Could we take time to create a good flow for all, starting with ourselves? 

This season of the year, and this ‘season’ with your children is very short.  I say hold tight when cooler times call for cozy huddling. A little more hold time could make our efforts of this big season much more rewarding and rejuvenating for all.

Just one more minute of story telling by a fire

Just one more minute of story telling in the bath tub

Just one more minute of story telling with warm cocoa

Just one more minute of story telling under a favorite blanket

Together, make a favorite blanket for others to cuddle (simple cut fleece)

All cozy, cozy, cozy.

Children LOVE to hear stories of when you were little and your holiday or winter experiences.  My favorite combo, given me from my own mom, was warm cocoa and tuna sandwiches after walking in the rain.  A strange combo it seems now, but so memorably yummy and warm.   

It’s a time of reflection. It’s a time of hope. It’s a time of cheer.

It’s definitely a time to hold hands and stick together with family.

Remember children would rather have your presence than your presents.

Together you’re better.

Through it all, we can remember that it started with a twinkle and a shine and now the light returns for a happy new year to begin. 

Happy Solstice and a wonderful ‘season within’ to all of you.

Love, Mz. Lori