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           I’ve been wanting to blog about Autumn ever since I first felt it.   Do you know that ‘first’ feeling, that one small cue that you get sometime in mid Aug., when you know that the seasons are just turning towards change?  You can see it, and smell it and feel it in the air. Our extremely new to nature (only 3-4 years old), sensory learning preschoolers must truly feel the changes!  

            So I say ode to the glorious changes that have occurred for so many this season.  Time passes and sometimes is so full of change that one doesn’t seem to notice just how much time has passed again. For me personally, with the death of my father, I felt that I had all but missed the month of October.  Loving fall and all of its natural changes, I am at least now delighted in the display of November’s colors, textures and scents!   Again, oh, the preschool sensory system!   Crunch in the leafy street gutters, pull up the withering old moist smelling tomato vines, toss and poke at the rotting pumpkins from Halloween, wear mud boots to the local farms, take a neighborhood walk with a bag for colorful collections, iron leaves between wax paper like we did in the old days, peel apples and smell the cinnamon, TOGETHER with your children.  All of this can happen even before the Thanksgiving holiday?  No wonder we give thanks!

            Then there are all of the gatherings: the feasts at autumns close, the family traditions of meals, special foods and activity. There are often sleepovers and relatives from out of town. As one good childs story line goes, “and all that new breathing in the house.” (The Relatives by Cynthia Rylant)   Busy or quiet thankful holidays, these are the good old days and the memories and stories that will be passed on, for and by your children when they are grown.  Family stories and traditions are the things that connect us through the ages…..keeping us together.

Together We’re Better.

Gorgeous Autumn changes to you!

 I am thankful.

Mz. Lori