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Sweet Beginnings

Sweet beginnings

We have all had our first day of school!  Many notes on the sign in sheet said that children didn’t sleep well, too excited for school.  I was the same way!  

After our first days, my family always asks, How many tears and how many potty accidents?  Only a few children had some separation tears and a few parents stayed throughout the day to help ease into school.  We also had a few tears from children not wanting to leave/finish the school day.   And potty accidents, none!  We did have many in need of a change of clothes due to much water play and figuring directionality of water flow with a large hose.  It was delightful to watch children trying to put water directly into a small pipe, without watering oneself or a friend.    

Tues. Thurs. morning children were not able to move about the whole school as of yet, because there is so much to explore.  Some never made it away from the sand and water play, let alone all the way to the nature tree space.  I occasionally played that I was the pied piper and walked groups to new places, i.e. the worm bin, and out to the sand pit and gardens. We even planted some seeds so that we can ‘grow together’.
The afternoon class had a lovely extended day of play; they learned new friends’ names and truly enjoyed the pace of play.  Throughout the afternoon, the separation anxieties eased and we ended up with much in the way of giggling, at music time and closing.

The MWF class was so ready to be back together again, including returning children from last years afternoon class.  I’m not sure that the children thought parents were needed on Friday morning as they handled so many things themselves, remembered much of the routine, and engaged themselves everywhere in play.  It was a joy to walk around and basically listen and watch……….ah!  I was really surprised at our music gathering to find children sitting and waiting for me

Thank you to all of our nurturing working parents that helped comfort any and all.  Next week will be a bit like starting over, to both children and parents. Assist again with the finding of cubbies, and bring in your cubby photo if you have not done so. New working parents will still be in need of the returning parents lead. Children will have new parents in the classroom and separation anxieties will probably still loom.  Baby steps everyone.

Delighted to be back together!

Together We’re Better!