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Hey lo di o doh, Get Ready to Go!

Sweet mixed smells of summer and fall are in the air as we all daily begin to engage further into the new season………ah, the pace of summer is over, schedules and responsibilities begin to overlap. Parents have their days now filled with work/playing in the classroom and if you have multiple children, your taxi service seems to have started up again. To help you and your family get ready for school, try some of the ideas below, and communicate with me as much as possible. Together we’re better.

Starting school, whether new or returning, is an exciting time for children and parents. It’s the beginning of a great new social activity for all and lots of new learning experiences.

At first, children may feel anxious about their new environment, and may have a difficult time separating. Separation anxieties are normal for both children and parents. Let’s work together to help everyone settle in comfortably. Feelings of separation anxiety may come up again after long weekends, vacations, or during changes at home.

The night before school, encourage your child to choose comfortable clothing for school.

Establish early bedtimes. It makes for sweeter mornings.

Get an early start and maintain a daily routine.

Please eat a sustaining breakfast.

Show confidence in your choice of coming to NVNS. Socialize with others using names as much as possible. Your child will relax as they sense that you are comfortable with this new adventure. Connect with Mz. Lori

Arrive on time (not too early if you are not a working parent) and plan to spend some time getting your child familiar with their cubby (tape photo inside), the bathroom and familiar faces.

Do say good bye and tell us when you will be back. Mz. Lori usually says, “Goodbye, come back when we are done playing.” And then please arrive on time. (Collect cubby items first, then come to Room 2 for pick up)

On our first days of school, please go home or leave your # to be reached so that if your child needs you to get through the first days, Mz. Lori will call.

Hold hands and stick together, it’ll be fun!