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Hold Hands and Stick Together

Life after nursery school continues to find alumni families holding hands and sticking together with NVNS.  We are following the progress of two alumni students and one lovely alumni board member, and their families.

Grant Beltrami is a high school senior now.  After being diagnosed with alpastic anemia while at NVNS, Grant has finally had a bone marrow transplant and is now working hard to both recover and graduate.

Tyler Moffett, now 15 year old alumni of NVNS, has just recently been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a pediatric cancer, and is undergoing treatment with much community and family support.

Kari Worth, former fantastic board member that implemented many a sunsafe program in Napa and originally, at NVNS, is again battling melanoma with much support and assistance from many amazing past NVNS families.

You can follow their progress through the following web links:

You can also be a part of continued NVNS support by signing up for family meals and/or watching for any NVNS needs for fundraising efforts of these families.
Still, together we’re better.